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So many Christian sisters are too busy with God’s work and so would trust their pastors to find husbands for them.With poor dress sense and lack of decent social interaction, then when they are in their late 30s or 40s, they will be all up over you, even trying to date young guys, and tell you Age is not a barrier in the bible, what happened to God’s work, you were trying to do! Most Live in A Fairytale: They just want everything to work how and when they want it to.Birth Control Brittany says: Oral contraception is very cheap and very easy to get.You do not require a prescription and can purchase generic (but mostly reputable) birth control pills from one of the plentiful pharmacies.A guy wants an intelligent, daring wife, though she has to be submissive but church girls don’t even put up that challenge, most of them though. They Can So Backbite: A lot of Christian sisters engage in running down other church members and even Christian brothers.Usually monitoring and assessing other’s morality, Christian lives and so on and gossiping among themselves without first checking the specks in their own eyes; “Brother Abeka only has one trouser with rat-chopped shoes”, “Sister Pounds thinks she is too fine and dresses to seduce men”. Born Again Ladies Always Wait For The God In Their Pastor To Find Their Husband For Them: I still don’t understand how a Christian believer would believe God is omnipresent, if the only God she believes in is in her pastor, doesn’t she have God?Dating quality single people at our Uganda online dating site is totally 100% free.

” or, “Why doesn’t she marry Jesus and Get ‘holy Pregnancy’ like Mary mother of Jesus did” – not that one’s life should be shaped by what people say or think. Born Again Ladies Have Serious Attitude Problem: To them, ‘church and their bible are their ticket to marriage’.

By Ian Ortega I was talking to a male friend about his single status and I mentioned to him to get a lady from church to which he replied, “Church girls don’t think past the front and back pages of their bible, they hardly follow what’s in it, or they twist the who things inside the bible upside down.” I am posting this because of some sisters who give Christianity a bad name whether consciously or unconsciously.

This is not to condemn or criticize anyone (before some take it personal instead of analyzing the message).

I was also able to find organic/natural soap fairly easily (in a curio shop for tourists).

Things like makeup, nail polish, and perfume can also be found in supermarkets and pharmacies in big cities and town, but the product quality is not great.

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