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However, as of year's end, a trial had not begun.There were no known developments in the 2008 arrest of police officer Gustavo Arnaldo Duarte for the killing of security guard Salinas Vicente Gonzalez, and none were expected. Disappearance There were reports of "express kidnappings" for ransom, including by prosecutors and police officers, which occasionally resulted in unsolved disappearances.

There were no further developments in the case by year's end.On January 18, kidnappers calling themselves the Paraguayan People's Army (EPP) released cattle rancher Fidel Zavala Serrati, whom they had captured in mid-October 2009.Free Fatherland Party members Aristides Vera Silguero, Roque Rodriguez Torales, Simeon Bordon Salinas, Basiliano Cardozo Jimenez, Agustin Acosta Gonzalez, and Gustavo Lezcano Espinola remained incarcerated awaiting trial for the 2004 kidnapping and killing of Cecilia Cubas.In September Daniel David Castelli disappeared while carrying 200,000 euros (approximately 0,000) that he allegedly received in conjunction with a large drug deal.Suspects included three police officers (German Arevelo, Marcos Valezquez, and Hector Ortiz); the attorney general was investigating the case at year's end.

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