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Since non-molluscs cannot merge, the strain eventually kills the eaters.The symptoms of the fatal poisoning resemble Space Madness, hence the resistance use them to poison their targets—if by any chance the targets were to survive the poisoning, they would be shot anyway.He does not need the cure, as he vomits the bacteria straight back out again.Disney on Acid: There’s more than a hint of classic crossdress comedy in John’s drag performance. Each mollusc houses a colony of neutrally-linked bacteria.

He eats the discarded molluscs so the bacteria are split between three eaters, and then endures the symptoms to buy the others some time, thus saving the day.How does a new Martin D-28 compare to a pre-war example?Gruhn's showroom is the place to find out for yourself.Stats: Transmissible Celestial Dementia, or Space Madness, is a form of contagious insanity that space travellers can contract as a result of the radiation in Tormented Space, presumably the same kind that is driving Moya nuts. So if the flesh is divided between different stomachs, the two halves of the colony transmit sensations to the other half.This is designed to get the two eaters to merge and re-unite the colony.

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