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None of the other Kerio Connect logs show anything out of the ordinary either.The only way to stop this is to quit Mail, and relaunch it. I usually don't quit Mail, or shut my Macs down, so Mail does not get quit very often.

I have gone into the debug log on my work email server while this endless caching process is happening, and I don't see anything that would indicate that there is a problem.

1 We see this a lot on our Mavericks Kerio 8.2.1 combination.

It used to happen a lot less but for some reason happens a lot more often now.

Apple's support community forum has several complaints of this issue.

What I have managed to figure out is that this does not seem to happen with every IMAP server, and it may only happen to users who have several email folders in addition to the default mail folders (Inbox, Sent, Junk, Trash, etc.) On my personal account, I have several subfolders created, and I have several on my work account as well.

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