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Missing Cold Openings: * S03E01 * S03E04 * S03E05 * S03E06 * S03E07 * S03E08 * S03E09 * S03E10 * S03E11 * S03E13 * S03E17 * S03E18 * S03E20 * S03E21 * S03E22 Better TV Channel Quality: * S03E14 (Media Set Channel - if possible better than this) Censored: * S04E12 (Other version rather than Sky One's censored) Any other eps that got missing parts/or censored, please use this topic to request. Hi MITM_Fan, I have those cold openings (opens, openers, whatever you call them ) from a 'Malcolm Extras' torrent. Any way he told me to keep pulling back my foreskin every day to stretch it. I have come in contact with women who has expressed that men with an...

I'm uncircumcised and I personally don't think it's weird. Some girls think it's gross and not cleaned but it's always cleaned. I'm uncut and i remember my Dr at the time explaining to me that it was extremely important for me to wash really well under my foreskin. I remember pulling my foreskin back which was really... There are medical arguments for circumcision and one of those is that you are less likely to get some of the more serious STD that are being passed around these days."After a spectacular and rather awkward start, the couple explores the island to find their shelter and food supply, where they will spend the night together in a breathtaking paradise: it is their true 'Garden of Eden,'" the show's description reads.But their Garden of Eden isn't without its twists and temptations.A hit Dutch dating show that takes place in a Pacific paradise has all kinds of forbidden fruit.Contestants on "Adam Looking for Eve" ("Adam zkt Eva") must strip down and look for love in the nude, The Sun reported.

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