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Not always to force the new technology into the square peg that exists but to make sure the regulations reflect a broad base set of values.

Otherwise, we may find that it’s disadvantaging certain people or certain groups. And if we were able to eliminate autism and make everyone neuro-­normal, I bet a whole slew of MIT kids would not be the way they are.

In this article, I'll describe several of these episodes, working from the not-so-serious scenarios to the worst-case incident, where all domain controllers (DCs) in a parent domain of a multi-domain forest went down, and the backup was 11 months old!

In the first case, the architect of an AD topology wanted a tiered topology to reflect his network.

In-Depth Spotting Active Directory problems isn't necessarily simple, but it can help avoid a catastrophe.

One of the challenges that we’ll have to think about is, where and when is it appropriate for us to have things work exactly the way they’re supposed to, without surprises?It’s worth thinking about because it stretches our imaginations and gets us thinking about the issues of choice and free will that actually do have some significant applications for specialized AI, which is about using algorithms and computers to figure out increasingly complex tasks.We’ve been seeing specialized AI in every aspect of our lives, from medicine and transportation to how electricity is distributed, and it promises to create a vastly more productive and efficient economy.They think machines will just figure it all out for us.When we had lunch a while back, Joi used the example of self-driving cars. We have machines that can make a bunch of quick decisions that could drastically reduce traffic fatalities, drastically improve the efficiency of our transpor­tation grid, and help solve things like carbon emissions that are causing the warming of the planet.

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