Dating drama king

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There’s been a nasty argument with the parents, a row with the roommate, a blow-up with the boss. Call them drama queens — or their male equivalent, crisis kings — and call them a real challenge in dating relationships.The particulars of this latest crisis-de-jour aren’t really the point; it’s another BIG PROBLEM to fume and fuss about, another calamity to fret over. You are probably familiar with how these histrionic and havoc-wreaking types act, but have you ever wondered why they act that way?In such an atmosphere, it’s as if the gauge for what constitutes “normal life” is reset, with a greater need for emotional stimulation.

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Someone who turns the most mundane situations into mayhem?

Psychologists point to several possible reasons: A chaotic childhood atmosphere.

If YOU are excited and enthusiastic about life and share that with others, there's no need to manufacture phony drama.

Dramatic people can be fun to be around for a very short time-they make me feel grateful that I have a nice serene life.

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