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It’s the first time in 40 years that the moon will cover the sun entirely when viewed from the continental United States.People across the country are gathering their eclipse glasses, checking historical weather records and stirring with excitement as they wait for the shadow of the moon to fall over them.“In Oregon, the night before the eclipse will be the biggest night ever for Airbnb for many communities, including Lincoln City and Albany,” said company spokeswoman Jasmine Mora.“We really underestimated how popular the event will be,” said Leigha Thomas, sales director for the Holiday Inn and Comfort Suites in Albany, Oregon.Many local libraries are handing them out for free, and there are a variety of ways to craft a projection method to reflect the eclipse onto a flat surface.You’ve probably never heard of Hopkinsville, Kentucky.Joseph, Missouri; Nashville, Tennessee; and Columbia, South Carolina.“If you know anyone in those states — old friends college roommates, relatives — now’s the time to remind them how much you miss them,” Fraknoi quipped during a recent talk to an overflowing crowd at the college’s Smithwick Theater, where people were sporting T-shirts such as “Eclipse chasers are lunatics & stellar voyeurs.” Because it’s primarily a “small town eclipse,” Fraknoi said, “I think Airbnb is going to clean up.” Indeed, tens of thousands of Californians are expected to travel to the eclipse, which occurs on a Monday. San Francisco-based Airbnb reports that more than 2,500 visitors are booked for home-stays in Idaho the Sunday before the eclipse.

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One San Jose couple, June and John Stolan, recently bought “eclipse glasses” from Amazon and plan to drive up to Oregon for the eclipse.

But this tiny agricultural town is the point where the total solar eclipse will linger the longest — at 2 minutes and 40 seconds.

And that distinction is expected to more than double its population as about 100,000 astronomers and other enthusiasts from as far away as Japan and Argentina descend on ground zero, said Brooke Jung, Hopkinsville’s solar eclipse and marketing and events consultant.

Now people are booking their travel — months and even years in advance — to experience it.

That’s certainly the case for one of this summer’s hottest events — a total solar eclipse on Aug. Bay Area residents will have to hit the road to see it, unless they’re content with a partial eclipse that will dim our morning sky.

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