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I am the founder of the first virtual 3dxchat porn movie corporation, called JBHeat Productions. I have seen RL how she looks like (she is gorgeous) but everything we have is 3dx only. Being a slut or a stud in 3dx is actually a good thing.

I am among those who use 3dx for some creativity too, not just some naughty online experience So if I made you curious, let me know and we can meet in game. Hence we agreed to meet in-game at my favorite club called Fresco. We both believe that crossing line to RL is not wise. Often I sit quietly in a room and all I do is read people’s profiles. Kind of a loose cannon and much younger than me but hell that gives me a fun ride too.

If you offer me to imagine something and you are presenting it well, then let me have that imagination.

(I knew where this was going, you do as well I guess). And did you have naughty time or just enjoyed the sand as is? What I am thinking of right now is, getting some yummy benefit of your profession/hobby. We both knew at this point, it’s not going to be to get some sun tan.

The new "swigners" update promises to offer the ability to switch partners or simply play the part of voyeur/exhibitionist.

Thri XXX has also revamped their lobby design, making it much faster for users to jump right into the action. Link: Chathouse 3D The Fleshlight Launch is now available for purchase from Fleshlight & KIIROo.

Link: KIIROo Fleshlight Launch For a full list of new features see the community announcement.

The Fleshlight Launch is manufactured and sold by KIIROo.Sexgamedevils 3DXChat has recently updated its core game to include VR support so Oculus Rift and HTC Vive users can join in the fray.This is purely a subscription based adult VR experience and whilst there are elements which can be considered quite tame, the end game here is to have sex with either a male or female character.In addition, KIIROo announced that the new dildonics device is available for pre-order.The new Fleshlight Launch works with most Fleshlight products to enable them as a remote controlled automatic stroker.

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